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How do I link myself to a license in the License Center?

I would like to link myself to a license. How do I perform this action in the License Center?

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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 13 Jun 2019
Edited by MathWorks Support Team on 13 Jun 2019
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The following instructions apply to Standard and Academic Use Licenses.
Requirements to link to a license:
If you do not have the Activation Key or License Number, contact your professor/instructor or License Administrator.
After you have obtained your Activation Key or License Number, go to Link< My Account with a License>, enter your Activation Key or License Number, and click "Link License."


Does your university provide MATLAB to students? If not then you will need to purchase a MATLAB Student license. (Often the MATLAB Student Suite is a better bargin, but that depends on what you will use MATLAB for.)
My university has Matlab on their computers and the students use as me I use today at my university; I just needed for solving assignments...
There are different kinds of MATLAB licenses. One of the kinds available for Academic use is node-locked for use in a laboratory of computers. Those licenses are locked to the individual computer, but permit any one person at a time to use the license.
Some universities use a Total Academic Headcount license. Those are academic licenses but students are permitted to use them. The university IT would control activating those licenses.

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Answer by Mhammad ali on 7 Mar 2015

I dont have lisense

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A MATLAB license is required in order to use the software. You can look into purchasing a license at this page:
MathWorks Support

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Answer by Vivan Teng on 6 Sep 2015

I take part in MCM/ICM,but I don't receive about lisense email。

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Sorry, MCM and ICM are not abbreviations that I recognize?

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Answer by zeena ahmet on 30 May 2016

i donot have a license


If you are a student you can purchase a MATLAB Student license here:
If I do not the student and study mat lab individually then what is the procedure.
You can purchase MATLAB Home license, for personal (non-commercial) use.

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Answer by arindam pal on 2 Apr 2017

my user id is do not get my licence from activation key. So help me to install the mat lab in windows 10.


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