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How do I create a Shared Library using the MATLAB Compiler that can be accessed through Visual Basic 6 as a DLL?

Asked by Sanchali Purandare on 16 Jan 2011
I would like to create a Visual Basic DLL from the MATLAB Compiler that takes two matrices as an argument and returns two matrices.


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1 Answer

Answer by Sanchali Purandare on 16 Jan 2011

The ability to deploy MATLAB code to be used by Visual Basic is available with MATLAB Builder NE. With Builder NE a COM DLL can be created which can be easily interfaced with Visual Basic. The following web site has more information:
The following example project shows another way to interface with a standard DLL. It involves a Visual C++ wrapper to do the data conversion. The example demonstrates how to use two matrix input arguments and two output matrices. The example includes the necessary MATLAB files, a Visual C++ 6 wrapper that needs to be used in order to do the data type conversion between MATLAB and Visual Basic, and a VB example that demonstrates how to call the function in the wrapper DLL.


You mention an example project, how do I access/download it. I am new to this forum so may be I am not looking in the right place.
Ksutubha: Thanks for the reply. Actually I saw these examples, but I was interested in the VB6 example and Visual C++ 6 wrapper dll that she mentioned will allow data type conversion between Matlab and Visual Basic 6.

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