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Where did my Service Requests go?

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Julian on 31 Oct 2013
Commented: Julian on 14 Nov 2013
The look and feel of the service request history in my TMW account appears to have had a makeover. While this looks like a welcome improvement, my history now only shows 1 (latest) request. What happened to the others? I guess this change happened very recently because this recent Answer shows the old web-GUI.
Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 31 Oct 2013
While recently posted, that answer is not necessarily new. TMW has been importing a lot of content recently.
Julian on 31 Oct 2013
Good point Daniel ( read all about it ). I had thought the original date was preserved because I found an old Answer, but perhaps I was wrong...

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Accepted Answer

Wendy Fullam
Wendy Fullam on 13 Nov 2013
Hi Julian,
I'm the Product Manager of MathWorks Online Support Site. I apologize for the delay in responding, as I needed to obtain information from a few teams before posting.
As you noticed, we recently made improvements to the My Service Requests interface. These can be seen here (login required).
Cases originating after 01 Jan 2012 were automatically ported over to the new system. If you require views into requests originating before that time, please contact technical support directly, and they will assist you.
Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Eric Sampson
Eric Sampson on 13 Nov 2013
Hi Wendy, it seems like the default view is by Case Number sorted Ascending. I think it would be much more useful to have the default be Submitted Date sorted Descending... Thanks!
Julian on 14 Nov 2013
Thanks for this. As I reported via email, the layout of the requests is much improved for browsing their history. The communication history, when available, is not so useful though. I just see a list of identical subject headings, that I can only view one at a time. It would be way better if it followed the excellent example of MATLAB Answers where you can scroll or search the whole discussion thread in the same window....
There are some other strange behaviours I noticed:
  • sorting by submitted date does't work
  • clicking through to look at a request - communication history missing
  • from a request view there is a link "<< View All Service Requests" which goes to a filtered list of "Recently Viewed Cases".
Thanks for answering this question.

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