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How can I use two different fixed point datatypes in stateflow

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Isaak on 19 Nov 2013
I'm using stateflow and in one state I'm computing two equations. One (V_comm1) gives a fixdt(1,126,55) as output an the other (V_comm2) gives fixdt(1,58,12) as output. When I use the following operation (V_comm1 < V_comm2) I get the following error:
Type mismatch: {sfix58_En12} ~= {sfix126_En55}.
When I change the Datatype in the Model Explorer of V_comm1 to (1,126,55) in order to have the same size as V_comm2 I get the following error:
Inferred type (' (sfix58_En12)') for data 'V_comm1' (#182) does not match specified type (' (sfix126_En55)')
How can I solve this problem? Many thanks in advance!


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