fprintf of multidimensional cell arrays

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I am working on an export script to extract requirements references from my model to a simple XML file that I then post process using perl. the requirements references are simple text added as annotations to a block within the locality of the functionality. The script works until I have multiple requirements referenced on one annotation on separate lines. The problem seems to stem from the return of a cell array (1x3).
Here is the script:
% code
reqrefs = find_system('Regexp','on','AttributesFormatString','m:');
reqtxt = get_param(reqrefs,'AttributesFormatString');
reqstr = 'm:([0-9]+\.[A-Z]+\.[A-Z]+\.[0-9]+\.v[0-9]+)';
reqs = regexp(reqtxt,reqstr,'match');
fileID = fopen('~reqrefs.txt','wt');
for i = 1:length(reqrefs)
sys(i).reqxref = reqs{i};
sys(i).location = reqrefs(i);
The output from the script is in the attached file. At line 32 you can see how the multi-lined annotation is output to the file. Can anyone help me change my fprintf statement to handle to the cell array correctly?
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Jamie Wardlaw
Jamie Wardlaw on 4 Dec 2013
Coming back to this with fresh eyes I found the solution, my for loop has been changed to parse the cell array as follows
if true
% code
for i = 1:length(reqrefs)
reqids = reqs{i};
for col=1:ncols
The text is now correctly extracted from the model on multi-lines of the annotation.

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Jamie Wardlaw
Jamie Wardlaw on 4 Dec 2013
My answer is above

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