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A problem with installing all support packages

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Good day, there, I have recently encountered a problem while trying to install support package for raspberry pi (btw, the same happened to arduino and pondaboard). The error message occurs. Please tell what I should do to solve it.

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Gautam Vallabha
Gautam Vallabha on 27 Feb 2014
When a support package is installed, an entry is added to the user's MATLAB preferences with the name of the installed support package. The support package functionality is also added to the MATLAB path.
The above error is displayed when Support Package Installer detects that a support package is present on the MATLAB path but without a corresponding entry in MATLAB preferences. This can happen if:
  1. There is a shared MATLAB installation (i.e., multiple users on a machine)
  2. User 1 logs in, starts MATLAB and installs a support package (and thereby modifies the MATLAB path)
  3. User 2 logs in, starts MATLAB and starts Support Package Installer, and which point the inconsistency is detected.
The other scenario is that the MATLAB preferences directory was cleared, or was somehow corrupted.
The solution depends on how your system ended up in the inconsistent state (shared MATLAB installation, or cleared preferences directory), and whether you want to keep the flagged "inconsistent" support package, in this case, ARM Cortex M and Pandaboard.
If you just want to restore your system to a consistent state (and don't care about keeping installed packages), do the following:
  • Type "pathtool" at the MATLAB command prompt
  • Rmove all directories under the support package installation directory from the MATLAB path (e.g., under C:\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2013b\). In particular, make sure to remove directories named "appdata"
  • Save the MATLAB path
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Vincent on 29 Oct 2014
Edited: Vincent on 29 Oct 2014
Obviously this is not the solution to the problem the asker has (and some other people including me).
We don't want to remove the packages we want to be able to use them with a non-admin user. Do you have an answer to that? I tried copying preferences but that doesn't seem to work either.
Edit: here 's a solution that worked for me

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Konstantin Rubin
Konstantin Rubin on 14 Jan 2014
so does anyone have any idea?

Thomas Steffen
Thomas Steffen on 22 Sep 2014
I have the same problem here. We want to install the Arduino support package for any user on the system. Installing it on a per user basis is not an option because it requires administrator rights. Obviously the path is updated for every user, but the MATLAB preferences are not. Is there a way to fix that?

landolsi marwa
landolsi marwa on 14 Apr 2016
Good day, there, I have recently encountered a problem while trying to install support package for Z edboard. The error message occurs. Please tell what I should do to solve it.

Elizabeth Rocha
Elizabeth Rocha on 1 Mar 2017
i have the same problem that landolsi marwa, anyone know how to resolve it ? thanks !

mostafa on 23 May 2017

altaf hussain
altaf hussain on 8 Mar 2018
i want to install support package for arduino uno and i have matlab 2014b but it does not install and following error occurs plz help me


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