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Sources for learning the intricacies of Simulink?

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Hi all
I've been using Simulink at a very deep level for about six months now. But, I seem to be spending half my day getting real work done and wasting the other half fighting the software all the time.
Let me give you some examples. I recompiled a mex32 sFunction from C code, and now my system crashes. It turns out it uses some files from the "slprj" folder that was created. I have no idea what the folder is for, and why it still has lingering files from simulink models I've long since deleted.
It told me that I had to include the header files in the Configuration Parameters of the simulation, again something that I'd never had to battle in the past.
And the worst of it is that Simulink never seems to give any helpful error messages that help me isolate the problem, and the help documents on the mathworks website are as generic as it gets.
Is there some way I can be more organised about developing my models? Sources where I can learn simulink properly and deeply, and not at a childish level. Hopefully with plenty of error-cases thrown in?

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Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim on 13 Jan 2014
Edited: Mischa Kim on 13 Jan 2014
There are the online tutorials for starters. In addition you might find the Simulink learning resources helpful. Finally, there are the Classroom Resources, where you can search for specific material. Hope this helps.
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Viren on 13 Jan 2014
Hi Mischa
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it. And the resources do look useful, especially the classroom resources. The tutorials I already watched and they were helpful when I was starting out, but by now, they've become excruciatingly beginner-level

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Guy Rouleau
Guy Rouleau on 14 Jan 2014


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