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fox tan

MISO model control system Tuning failed

Asked by fox tan
on 15 Jan 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Arkadiy Turevskiy on 27 Jan 2014
I use Workflow in MATLAB build a 2 input 1 output system as below: for Block see attatched file for matlab code below: bj22221 is a 2 input and 1 output model which I build by ident GUI.
G=bj22221; G.InputName = {'Dh', 'Dp'}; G.OutputName = 'y';
C_Dh ='C_Dh','pid'); C_Dh.TimeUnit = 'seconds';C_Dh.u = 'qDh'; C_Dh.y = 'Dh';
C_Dp ='C_Dp','pid'); C_Dp.TimeUnit = 'seconds';C_Dp.u = 'qDp'; C_Dp.y = 'Dp';
D= ltiblock.gain('Decouple', eye(2,1));D.u='e';D.y={'qDh', 'qDp'};D.TimeUnit = 'seconds';
Sum = sumblk('e = r-y',1);
C_Dh.Ts=0.1; C_Dp.Ts=0.1; D.Ts=0.1;Sum.Ts=0.1;G.Ts=0.1;
C=connect(D,C_Dh,C_Dp,Sum,{'r','y'}, {'Dh','Dp'});
wc = [0.1,1];
[G,C,gam,Info] = looptune(G,C,wc);
Final: Failed to enforce closed-loop stability (max z = 1)
Failed to stabilize closed-loop system. Try different initial values or increase the number of random starts using "systuneOptions".
I can not solve the problem, hope some one can give me a help.

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Impossible to provide help without having access to plat model. Can you attach your plant model (bj2221) in a .mat file? When you create this model in System Identification Toolbox, you can export it to MATLAB workspace anf then save to .mat file.

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