Selecting data from a plot in a GUI

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Michael on 12 Jul 2011
Answered: Andy on 28 Jan 2015
I have a plot on my GUI and I want to select some points on this plot and save their coordinates to a variable. The variable would have rows containing each point and 2 columns for the x,y values for those points.
I have tried using the brush function to select the data and then save it to a variable, but that is giving me problems.
Any other ideas?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 12 Jul 2011
You can select multiple data points, Press return when you are done.
Michael on 12 Jul 2011
That worked great. Thanks so much!

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 13 Jul 2011
Michael, I've been thinking about this problem. You can use Brush on your plot. Click the "Brush" icon, select a group of data points, then select the highlighted data point and right click, you can select "Create Variable" which then will ask you for a variable name. Or, you can select "Copy Data to Clipboard", then in the Command window, you can type MyData=clipboard('paste'). Does this satisfy your need, or you need more formal API to use the Brush functionality? There is a lead in this post but I have not found an API for Brush yet.

Andy on 28 Jan 2015
An excellent option is provided below:
hBrushLine = findall(gca,'tag','Brushing');
brushedData = get(hBrushLine, {'Xdata','Ydata'});
brushedIdx = ~isnan(brushedData{1});
brushedXData = brushedData{1}(brushedIdx);
brushedYData = brushedData{2}(brushedIdx);
% and similarly for ZData in 3D plots

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