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abaqus deosn't open with my command

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farzad on 12 Feb 2014
Commented: 4170116 on 21 Apr 2017
Hi all
I use : dos('abq6123 job=filename interactive') in Matlab
but abaqus gives me back Error : Abaqus Error: Command line option "input" must have a value. Abaqus/Analysis exited with error(s).


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Accepted Answer

David Nolan
David Nolan on 16 Apr 2014
Hi Farzad,
Hope that you had some success with this. I believe that the problem with this command is that you have not directed Abaqus to an input file; perhaps
dos('abq6123 job=filename inp=myfile.inp interactive')
will work?


farzad on 17 Apr 2014
yes !! thank you so much , thanks a lot !! great , thanks
raghavendra g g
raghavendra g g on 22 Feb 2017
can you please share the details of this command. As I'm beginner, I m not understanding it.
4170116 on 21 Apr 2017
What does abq6123 mean ?? I know abq is abaqus but i don't know 6123

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