How can I define an array of symbolic functions?

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I want to make an array a1(t) a2(t)... an(t).
syms a(t)
creates a symbolic parameter 't' and 'a' which is an unknown function of 't'. I want an array of just this. How do I do that? I want to use this array to solve a system of ODEs using dsolve.

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Carlos on 18 Feb 2014
Edited: Carlos on 18 Feb 2014
Are you looking for something like this?
>> syms t;
>> a=zeros(3,1);
>> a=sym(a);
>> a(1)=t;
>> a(2)=t+1;
>> a(3)=t+2;
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Arpit Agarwal
Arpit Agarwal on 19 Feb 2014
Actually I want a vector of undefined 'symfun' elements. i.e. each element a(i)=a(i)(t)

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