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Please help me what should I do so as to differentiate between the match and non-match between the images in sketch based image matching system. I am comparing histograms of the colour image and sketch image using chi-square distance. I am getting mi

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radha on 20 Feb 2014
Commented: radha on 20 Feb 2014
clear all; clc; Image=imread('D:\Project\CUHK_testing_sketch\sketch\f1-002-01-sz1.jpg'); %Image=im2double(Image); %Image=imresize(Image,[256 256]); [rows columns]=size(Image);
blockSizeR = 65; % Rows in block. blockSizeC = 65; % Columns in block. % Figure out the size of each block in rows. % Most will be blockSizeR but there may be a remainder amount of less than that. wholeBlockRows = floor(rows / blockSizeR); blockVectorR = [blockSizeR * ones(1, wholeBlockRows), rem(rows, blockSizeR)]; % Figure out the size of each block in columns. wholeBlockCols = floor(columns / blockSizeC); blockVectorC = [blockSizeC * ones(1, wholeBlockCols), rem(columns, blockSizeC)]; % Create the cell array, ca. % Each cell (except for the remainder cells at the end of the image) % in the array contains a blockSizeR by blockSizeC by 3 color array. % This line is where the image is actually divided up into blocks.
ca = mat2cell(Image, blockVectorR, blockVectorC);
disp('ca'); disp(ca); % Now display all the blocks. plotIndex = 1; numPlotsR = size(ca, 1); %disp(numPlotsR); numPlotsC = size(ca, 2); %disp(numPlotsC); for r = 1 : numPlotsR for c = 1 : numPlotsC fprintf('plotindex = %d, c=%d, r=%d\n', plotIndex, c, r); % Specify the location for display of the image. subplot(numPlotsR, numPlotsC, plotIndex); % Extract the numerical array out of the cell Block = ca{r,c}; imshow(Block); % Could call imshow(ca{r,c}) [rowsB columnsB] = size(Block); % Make the caption the block number. caption = sprintf('Block #%d of %d\n%d rows by %d columns', ... plotIndex, numPlotsR*numPlotsC, rowsB, columnsB); title(caption); drawnow; % Increment the subplot to the next location. plotIndex = plotIndex + 1; end end % Display the original image in the upper left. subplot(4, 6, 1); imshow(Image),figure; title('Original Image'); %------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ %Radon transform
theta=0:90; for i=1:r for j=1:c [R,xp]=radon(double(ca{i,j}),theta); %figure,imshow(R,[],'XData',xp([1 end]),'YData',[90 0]); %axis xy; %axis on; %xlabel('\rho'),ylabel('\theta'); end end
%Transform display
imshow(R,[],'XData',xp([1 end]),'YData',[90 0]),figure(2);
title('Radon transform');
axis xy;
axis on;xlabel('\rho'),ylabel('\theta');
%hist(i,j,a(i,j)) = 1;
for i=1:r
for j=1:c
h1 = lbp(radon(double(ca{i,j})),1,8,mapping,'h');
%h2 = lbp(radon(double(ca{6,5})),1,8,mapping,'h');
%disp('Histo Plot');
title('LBP of 8 and 1');
sumHist = lbp(radon(double(ca{1,1})),1,8,mapping,'h');
for i=1:r
for j=1:c
%title('Final Histogram');
[ro col]=size(sumHist);
disp('Columns of Sketch Image');
% sumHist=sumHist/size(Image,1)/size(Image,2);
%title('Color Gray hist');
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% colorImage=imread('D:\Project\CUHK_testing_photo\photo\f1-001-01.jpg'); %colorImage=im2double(colorImage); %colorImage=imresize(colorImage,[256 256]); grayImage=rgb2gray(double(colorImage)); Hi=imhist(grayImage); %title('Color Gray hist'); [rl colm]=size(grayImage); disp('columns of color Image'); disp(colm); %H=H/size(colorImage,1)/size(colorImage,2); %Matching one imge
distance = pdist2(Hi,HiS,'chisq'); disp(distance); mi=min(distance); %disp(mi); mif=min(mi); disp('minimun'); disp(mif);
ms=max(max(distance)); disp('maximum'); disp(ms);
if mif==0 && ms<0 msgbox('Person not present in database'); else msgbox('Person present in database'); end
%if mif==0 && ms<0 % msgbox('Person not available in database'); %end
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radha on 20 Feb 2014
I have posted my entire code here but it is displaying all together... Please check it and help me out with the same...

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