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MATLAB 2010b can not read my DAQ

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Luhur on 17 Jul 2011
hi all
i have a problem, i already installed my daq NI USB DAQ 6221 but it still can not be found by matlab, however i checked on NI, the DAQ was ther...
in my other laptop, it work just fine... do not know why???
please help me...

Accepted Answer

Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta on 17 Jul 2011
If it's Win 7 or Visat, try starting MATLAB in admin mode. Right click on MATLAB icon and select run as admin
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Luhur on 17 Jul 2011
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Jul 2011
Windows 32 bit versus 64 bit?
Is the same version of MATLAB being used in both systems?
Are you using the legacy interface or the session based interface? The DAQ 6221 appears to be too old for the session-based interface.
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Luhur on 17 Jul 2011
the windows was the same...
same version...
dont know im using what,, im just install the driver..
in my first laptop work just fine..
the second laptop still cant, now im trying to re-install matlab...

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Luhur on 17 Jul 2011
after re-isntall still cannot...

Megan on 18 Jul 2011
I just had this problem last week. You cannot use any NI DAQs except Compact DAQs with the 64-bit version. You have to install the 32 bit verseion of MATLAB, and run it as an administrator.

Manisha on 18 Jul 2011
The prerelease of R2011b Data Acquisition Toolbox supports many non-compactDAQ devices with Session-based interface.
If you have a valid MATLAB license, you can download the R2011b prerelease from here
After installation, try
to get a list of all the devices.


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