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Hi everyboby
I want to create a program on simulink which use a random number box but I have seen that its output is repeated at each step of the simulation. So how can I change the seed of this program to get the good result.
I use actually matlab 2010a, and I tried rng bgut not working.
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Lucas García
Lucas García on 22 Feb 2014
As you have found out, using rng is the way to go with the current MATLAB version.
Although currently discouraged, you can use the former synthax for changing the seed with older MATLAB versions: http://www.mathworks.es/es/help/matlab/math/updating-your-random-number-generator-syntax.html
rand('seed', sd)
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ahmed abrous
ahmed abrous on 22 Feb 2014
Yes, exactly, but I don't have Matlab 2013 on my computeur. Also I want to use uniform random number block on simulink, and when I read the help it says "Output is repeatable for a given seed". So the goal is to change this seed on simulink at each sample time of the simulation.

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Dishant Arora
Dishant Arora on 22 Feb 2014
doc se_randomizeseeds

ahmed abrous
ahmed abrous on 25 Feb 2014
It's okay for me with the Embedded Matlab Function and the seed change at every sample time. Thank you.


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