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Reset JVM to default

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Steffen on 24 Feb 2014
Commented: Steffen on 9 May 2014
Hello! I recently changed my Java VM to Java 1.7.0 in Matlab 2011b. I also set the environmental variable JAVA_HOME to the current JDK folder. As a result I get a lot of JAVA errors and Maltab crashes when I want to save an m.file. Hence, I want to reset Matlab to the default settings. How can I restore the default JVM? Should I delete the environmental variable? Is it also necessary to delete the JAVA_HOME system variable?
Thanks, Steffen

Accepted Answer

Malcolm Lidierth
Malcolm Lidierth on 27 Feb 2014
R2011b needs - and on Windows is bundled with - Java 6.
  1. delete the MATLAB_JAVA (not JAVA_HOME) environment variable to use the bundled JRE.
  2. install the latest Java 6 and set MATLAB_JAVA to point that
You can use Java 7 - but not without problems.
Malcolm Lidierth
Malcolm Lidierth on 27 Feb 2014
Do that with Windows using the System Properties option in the Windows Control Panel. On Windows 7: Start -> Control Panel -> System & Security -> System. Select 'Advanced system settings' on the left, then the Environment Variables button.
Steffen on 9 May 2014
Thanks a lot! It worked!

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