ezplot of function x = constant

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Tyler on 25 Feb 2014
Commented: Tyler on 25 Feb 2014
Hi, i am trying to ezplot the function X = constant (to overlay with other plots) using the following command:
n = ezplot(x-P*Sf/Tc,[0,0.25]); set(n,'Color','r')
Where P, Sf, Tc are constants
however, when its plotted i actually see a line with a positive slope, which suggests that it is not being interpreted properly.
Any ideas on how to do this?
Tyler on 25 Feb 2014
they are just constants
in this case:
P = 1E-5 Sf = 540*10^6 Tc = 0.8*10^6
I dont have access to the code at the moment, but theres not much more too it than that

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