How to convert string to numeric variable in if statement

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I want to covert my string variable into numeric variables.
I have got string Variable Team that shows which players are in. For example C2, C1, B2, B1 etc.
I want to give each player a numeric value which represents the team.
I tried the following
for i =1:length(Team)
if Team(i) strcmp 'C1'
Team(i) = 1
elseif Team(i) strcmp 'C2'
Team(i) = 2
but get the error:
??? Conversion to logical from cell is not possible.

Accepted Answer

Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 5 Mar 2014
AllTeams = {'A1','B1','C1','C2','C3'} % all the teams
Team = {'A1','B1','C1','A1','C3','A1','unknown','C1'} % Team{k} is the team of player k is
% map team names to numbers
[~,TeamNumber] = ismember(Team, AllTeams)
X = find(TeamNumber <= 2) % players in team 1 or 2

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Chandrasekhar on 5 Mar 2014
for i =1:length(Team)
if Team(i)== str2num(C1)
Team(i) = 1
elseif Team(i)==str2num(C2)
Team(i) = 2
Ot on 5 Mar 2014
The array team is an (801X1) cell. The Team cell tells for each of the 801 players in the Database in which team they play. The string values B1, B2, C1 and C2 are the names of the different team.
I want to adress an numeric value to each Team instead of this string value, so that I afterwards can sort the players based on their teams and calulate Mean Sprint times and STD of each Team's sprint times.
I hope it is clear now.

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Giorgos Papakonstantinou
Giorgos Papakonstantinou on 5 Mar 2014
Edited: Giorgos Papakonstantinou on 5 Mar 2014
If this is exactly what you want to do then try this:
Team = {'C1' 'C2' 'C3' 'C4'}
for ii=1:length(Team)
switch Team{ii}
case 'C1'
Team{ii} = 1;
case 'C2'
Team{ii} = 2;
case 'C3'
Team{ii} = 3;
case 'C4'
But you change the variable Team... Maybe you assign the numbering to a new variable.
Giorgos Papakonstantinou
Giorgos Papakonstantinou on 5 Mar 2014
But in this way you alter the variable Team. Why don't you try this:
[~,B] = ismember(Team, {'B1' 'B2' 'C1' 'C2'})
It will have the same effect. You will not alter the cell Team. Instead you create a new variable B which is the same with the one you asked for.

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