how to display a error message then proced further when the string doesnot matches by using for and if loop

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Ravikant Singh
Ravikant Singh on 7 Mar 2014
Commented: Ravikant Singh on 7 Mar 2014
this is my program
prompt='Enter variable name';
if input does not matches with the list of variables then it must show an error 'Variable not found, please try again' (for three times) & if the user enters invalid variable for three times the program should be terminated.

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Chandrasekhar on 7 Mar 2014
....your code
catch exception

Ravikant Singh
Ravikant Singh on 7 Mar 2014
Its not working

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Mar 2014
trycount = 0;
while trycount < 3
if no match
trycount = trycount + 1
if trycount >= 3
user blew it
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Ravikant Singh
Ravikant Singh on 7 Mar 2014
just have a look on my program once again the last statement will store 1 or 0 in variable now i want to display an error when m=0 so how to do ??

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