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how to concatanate structures of different sizes?

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Hi all, could you please help me to solve this problem.
I have structures of different sizes and I want to concatenate them. 'catstruct' can merge only structures of same size. Is there anyway to concatenate these files. Actually I have dicom files whose metadata has to be read sequentially. the code could read about one-quarter of files and then stopped complaining " Subscripted assignment between dissimilar structures ". So I tried getting metadata in groups and then to concatenate. is this a good idea? Please suggest me how to solve this problem. Thanks

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Jacob Halbrooks
Jacob Halbrooks on 12 Mar 2014
Edited: Jacob Halbrooks on 12 Mar 2014
From the doc for concatenating structures:
To concatenate structures, they must have the same set of fields, but the fields do not need to contain the same sizes or types of data.
So if you truly wanted to concatenate your structs, you would have to add fields to the mismatched structs. This might make the data ambiguous, so I'd suggest you consider a different data structure. Cell arrays might be a good choice. Another option for heterogeneous data is to use tables .


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