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Debug and workspace of functions

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M B on 18 Mar 2014
Answered: Jacob Halbrooks on 18 Mar 2014
Hello Everybody,
When I run a MATLAB code which includes several function files, the variables I see in workspace are only of the main file (the file that runs the code). I also want to see in workspace local variables of other fuctions. How can I add them to workspace?

Answers (1)

Jacob Halbrooks
Jacob Halbrooks on 18 Mar 2014
Each function has its own separate workspace of variables, and you do not typically get visibility of the variables outside of your current workspace. However, you can navigate your function call stack to inspect the workspace of each function. For example, put a breakpoint in your code and invoke your function to reach the breakpoint. In the MATLAB Editor, there should be a dropdown control to select where to go in the call stack (or you can do this at the command line using DBUP and DBDOWN). Then use the Workspace browser or WHOS to inspect the variables.

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