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Is there any limitation in simscape in adding two types of sensors to a circuit?

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We find the sensors added in parallel to circuit to measure torque and other to measure rotation ,the rotation goes zero immediately when the circuit having torque sensor is introduced but we have the torque out put. Could any body tell me why is this or ow can we introduce two sensors in to a ciruit

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Guy Rouleau
Guy Rouleau on 19 Mar 2014
Torque sensor allows zero motion, it needs to be connected in series. It is like a real physical torque sensor.
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ATHUL N on 19 Mar 2014
Thank you Roulea,But the term series and parallel, how to model it in the simulink environment, if say, we have to measure the Angular velocity of the motor out put(Rotationl motion sensor-Parallel connection),and at the same time i have to take the torque out put of the circuit to actuate my Body.I doesnt get how the series connection for the Torque sensor could be achieved here.(where the "C" port of torque sensor has to be connected to achieve series connection.)

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