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how to see the script of build-in function?

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Hi all~
I put "edit sum" in the command line. And I only saw the notes about it (begin with %). How can I see the script of this function?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Apr 2014
There is no "script" for it. sum() is coded in lower level code, such as C or Fortran, and is accessed from MATLAB in binary form. You cannot use a "decompiler" to "reverse engineer" the code without violating your license agreement.
To get access to the source that Mathworks uses for sum(), you need to get a job or internship at Mathworks.
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Yuji Zhang
Yuji Zhang on 14 Apr 2014
I see Walter. Thanks a lot!
I'll check some script of other functions to find out the things I want to see.

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