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PIL STM32 - Code Generation subsystem error

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Luca on 25 May 2014
Answered: Crystal Tinnes on 11 Sep 2017
Hello, I've a problem with the PIL block example in the STM32 package, When I'm trying to build the subsystem for PIL, Simulink give the following error:
Line 1: Keyword expectedcannot open output file "C:\Users\Luca.dll
What can I do to solve the problem? I've tried the Led example and Simulink work very nice, so I'think the compiler works fine.

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steve Andriantavison
steve Andriantavison on 3 Mar 2017
I've the same issue,
"keyword expectedcannot open output file "C:\Documents\Matlab\matlab.dll"
All I know is that a ".dll" file is a Dynamic Link Library. It works pretty much like an executable file.

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Crystal Tinnes
Crystal Tinnes on 11 Sep 2017
I had the same issue.
Reinstall the ARM Cortex-M Support from Embedded Coder and do PIL in the source directory "Downloads/MathWorks/SupportPackages/R2017a"


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