How to change default path on startup for Mac?

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Cary on 17 Jun 2014
Answered: Bill Whiten on 18 Jun 2014
I have the newest version. I have played around with 'userpath' but no matter what I do, every time I open MATLAB it defaults to the old directory. How can I change this? Many thanks.

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 17 Jun 2014
There is a startup.m file that you can update to change to another directory (I've done the same on my Mac) on start up. In the Command Window type
open startup.m
and the file will be opened in the editor (file located on my computer at /Applications/ Just add a line similar to the following
cd /Users/geoff/Development/matlab
Save and restart MATLAB and see what happens.

Cary on 17 Jun 2014
I tried this, I had to create a startup.m file because I had none to begin with. But the directory on startup hasn't changed.

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Bill Whiten
Bill Whiten on 18 Jun 2014
Allows you to select folder on startup (and other times) also reopens files in editor and restores path.


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