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Simulink : Slow editing of Data Store Memory with Matlab R2011B - how to make it faster ?

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When editing the name of a Data Store Memory, or a Data Write Memory, it takes from 3 to 10 seconds before the block takes in account the new name of the variable. Meanwhile, I can't work on the model.
How to fix this and make it faster ? I was using a much older version of Matlab (R14), and editing a Data Store Read/Write block was almost instant. I have the problem even on an empty model.
Window 7 64 bits Matlab/Simulink R2011b - 32bits
Thank you for your help,

Answers (2)

Guy Rouleau
Guy Rouleau on 20 Jun 2014

Xavier on 23 Jun 2014
It seems that files from bug 808560 improve the performance of the editing a little bit, but it sill remains very slow (couple of seconds before the end of the freeze). I think that the problem is pretty easy to reproduce. I reproduced it on other decent computers with Matlab 2011b.
  1. Create a new empty Simulink model
  2. Insert a Data Store Read Memory
  3. Replace the name the block 'A' by another name
  4. Try doing something else and check that's it not possible before a couple of seconds
Thank you for you help.


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