making movies with avifile and addframe produces black screen in half of the movie

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Anna on 19 Aug 2011
Hello there!
I would very much appreciate some help with a movie I am making from my simulation results. Generally, the code is like this:
clear all; clc;
img = figure();
ax = axes('parent',img);
set(ax,'XLim',[0 300]);
set(ax,'YLim',[0 300]);
for i=1:288
pl = plot(i,i,'parent',ax);
aviobj = addframe(aviobj,getframe(img));
aviobj = close(aviobj);
close all;
Obviously, the pictures in it are more complex but this is the principle.
This works well, except: When looking at the movie, the second half of the movie is just a black screen.
What could be the problem here?
Thank you very much for your help!

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