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how to access serial port data in matlab?

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waleed raza
waleed raza on 6 Jul 2014
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Hi everyone i have data coming from RFID reader in its software via serial port and i want the same data in matlab in real time . If i open that port in matlab i have to close that port in reader software and i got nothing in matlab. please help me out. thanx note: the source code of the software is available with me

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Suneesh on 7 Jul 2014
  1. Check if the device is transmitting. A loop back test is a good way to start with.
  2. Sometimes a termination character is required. MATLAB might still be waiting for the terminating character to arrive.
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waleed raza
waleed raza on 8 Jul 2014
Thanx for your reply what is a loop back test? what if there is no termination character?


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