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Hey guys,
I am trying to network boot a Dell desktop with the xPC kernel. Here are the details of both the host and target computers.
Host :
  • Static IP Address -,
  • Subnet -,
  • Ethernet Card - Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller (Not Supported)
  • DHCP - Disabled
  • DELL Laptop
Target :
  • Static IP Address -
  • Subnet -
  • Ethernet Card - Intel 82579LM (Supported)
  • DHCP - Disabled
  • DELL Desktop
I have sorted out all the Target BIOS settings and changed the boot order so it boots off the network first. I have also enabled the LAN (PXE Boot) in the BIOS settings. On the host computer I have entered all the correct data in the slrtexplr and created the network boot image.
Problem - Once I start the target, it connects to the host, and a pop up message appears that says "Booting Target PC with MAC xx:xx...". After that, the monitor connected to the Target just goes blank.
I have attempted running slrttest on the host, however the initial test fails and says I have a problem with my TCP/IP connection.
Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Suneesh on 24 Jul 2014
Perhaps the video card is not supported. Try:
  1. Recreate the boot image with 'Target Scopes' Disabled. This boots the target in a text only mode - you can use the target in exactly the same way with the exception of viewing scopes on the target screen.
  2. Ensure USB is disabled in BIOS. Some USB controllers have a conflict with the kernel.
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Yohahn Ribeiro
Yohahn Ribeiro on 28 Jul 2014
Edited: Yohahn Ribeiro on 28 Jul 2014
Hey Suneesh,
I have turned off graphics mode, in the slrtexplr.
Now the monitor doesn't just go blank, it shows me a bunch of mappings (eg:- mapped IOAPIC IRQ 16 to 11 for PCI bus 0, device 1, func 0), and then freezes, as if waiting for an input.
I still cannot upload/run any of the models. I have also removed the scopes from all of them.
Any further ideas?
PS :- slrttest still fails for some reason. As in I cannot ping the target.

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