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Drive SampleClock to PFI signal as a sanity check.

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Hello! :)
I am doing some timing work and I would like to drive the internal sample clock on an NI USB-6259 board out to a PFI connection so I can sanity-check it using an oscilloscope.
I can find good MATLAB documentation on how to change the SampleClock to an external one, but I can't find out how to drive the internal SampleClock to an output.
How do you drive the internal SampleClock to a PFI output?
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Manisha on 24 Jan 2012
Hi Adam,
If you are uisng Session-based interface, you can use the R2012a prerelease and use the function
this would have the scan clock available at PFI1 of Dev1 for external use.
Hope that helps,


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