Finding contour level for given x,y coordinate

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mukesh bisht
mukesh bisht on 23 Aug 2021
Answered: DGM on 23 Aug 2021
Hi, I have a contour plot of velocity field. Now, I want to obtain velocity value from the contour plot for any given [X,Y] coordinate. How can i obtain this? Please help
Attached contour plot (x axis horizontal)

Accepted Answer

DGM on 23 Aug 2021
Well, you already have the velocity data, so this shouldn't depend on the plot at all.
You can interpolate something like this:
% x and y values can't directly be used as subscripts
x = -50:50;
y = x;
v = peaks(101);
querypoint = [12.3 -17.7] % query point does not need to be integer-valued
querypoint = 1×2
12.3000 -17.7000
vint = interp2(x,y,v,querypoint(1),querypoint(2),'bilinear')
vint = -1.9433

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