Updating from 2020b to 2021a, web app complier displaced ui objecsts

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Johan C
Johan C on 27 Aug 2021
After updating from 2020b to 2021a, complier my "web" app and viewing in a bowser many ui objects was move ~20 pix up. Hiding tab groups under the menu bar making the whole app unfunctional.
I spent a whole day deleting code, objects and still have this displacement occur. I found a scenario where I just have a single ButtonGroup with or without a border, the latter resulting in displacement.
Then I try to find a simple way to recreate the problem for others to see. (bottom up)
App designer -> new -> blank app
Add Menu bar
Add Tap group
Complier upload to server view in browser then reload the page (F5)
I can't be sure it is the same displacement error I have recreated, first of all my app’s displacement doesn't need the reload and seems to be related to ButtonGroup border.
So my question is, what should I do from here? I need my app working online again ASAP.

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