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find correspondences between two curves

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sparsh garg
sparsh garg on 11 Sep 2021
Commented: sparsh garg on 17 Sep 2021
the two figures shown were obtained before spline fitting was done on a set of points.Now i am interested in finding the correspondences between two pairs of curves.I am currently using InterX but interX is unable to detect the correspondences in the middle of this R as well as near the regions where the R tends to curve for example the one near [40-50] on Y axis and the one near [150-160] on X axix.
similarly in the M shown above,the correspondences i get are fine but i am unable to detect them near the rounded regions of the M.Any help will be appreciated such as reference to papers/open source existing work on this(if it exists)

Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Sep 2021
sparsh garg
sparsh garg on 11 Sep 2021
i was looking for a general answer not related to OCR something which deals with finding correspondence between two curves.Would ICP help here?
sparsh garg
sparsh garg on 17 Sep 2021
hello,since image analyst's initial answer didn't really help,I would like to know are there any methods related to finding correspondences between two set of spline curves
for example in the M i would like to find correspondences in the lower left bar(which has two splines)

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