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How to project matrix wich size is 512x512x23 ?

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Dominika on 29 Aug 2011
I've created 3D matrix (from 23 CT slices) by using a cat function but I can't project it. I tried to use scatter3 but I dont know how to determine X, Y, Z values wchich are needed. Please help

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pangyuteng on 29 Aug 2011
Projecting everything might not look good, you can try a maximum intensity projection if the data is contrast enhanced, such as angiograms,
or you can try other fancy rendering methods, such as View3D,

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 29 Aug 2011
If you don't have x,y,z data, then use it's index, 1:512 for x and y, 1:23 for z, try


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