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Right clicking in a dialog box

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Vincent on 30 Aug 2011
Commented: Dominique Joubert on 22 Aug 2018
I'm creating a dialog box to let users enter function parameters. I'm using the inputdlg-function. Surprisingly I'm not able to right-click any field (e.g. to copy and paste values).
Of course, you can use keyboard shortcuts, but I'm interested why this occurs and how I can fix this.
Has anyone an idea?

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Friedrich on 30 Aug 2011
This is a bit tricky. There is a solution available which shows you how to get a context menu:
You can apply this on the inputdlg function but you have to modify it. I do not recommend modifying MALAB function so best this here is to a make a copy, rename it to a unique name and start modifying it. Since the inputdlg function uses two functions which have private access (getnicedialoglocation.m and setdefaultbutton) you have to copy these files near to your modified example. Best way here, is to rename those functions two.
I prepared an example that shows you how to do it. I uploaded it here:
Note that the mentioned limitation (in the solution above) doesn't hold for this example.
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Dominique Joubert
Dominique Joubert on 22 Aug 2018
can you please repost that file, I also need to right click in an inputdgl

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