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Diana Acreala
Diana Acreala on 1 Sep 2011
Hello everyone! I have a problem here and I really don't know how to start...
So... in my Diana directory I will have the following subfolders: Version_001, Version_002,etc. until Version_999. Each of these subfolders will contain a myfile.mat.
To understand better I will make an example.
I'm starting with myfile.mat file from Version_001. I am modifying the values of a parameter existing in myfile.mat. Next stept is to save this updated myfile.mat in Version_002 and so on.
what I want to do is to see the history of a selected parameter. Something like using a list in my GUI that should contain : Version_001 selected_parameter_values Version_002 selected_parameter_values . . . etc
How do you advise me to start?

Answers (2)

Yoav Livneh
Yoav Livneh on 1 Sep 2011
Each time you save the parameter in a new .mat file, save that parameter to a new cell in a cell array. Then you can use a uitable to show all of your data.
Is that what you meant?

Matt Landow*
Matt Landow* on 1 Sep 2011
You can use the function to list all files and folders. Assuming you have each folder in the same location you can just create a loop.
pseudo code
for all directories
open file in folder
change stuff
save stuff
update GUI
Hopefully that helps, best of luck!


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