combining variables into one variable

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How to combine several variables into one variable? I have 28 variables with the same amount of data (tables 125x121) and I want to transform that into a one variable. Each variable is 125x121 double. I want to combine them all and get 28x125x121 double. How can I do that?

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Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein on 21 Aug 2014
I'd like to throw the cat function into the discussion:
To your question in the comment on David Sanchez answer: You have a comma too much in your parenthesis and the first = doesn't make sense. It should be X(1,:,:)=S000...
Best regards, Michael

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 21 Aug 2014
Edited: David Sanchez on 21 Aug 2014
your_Combination = zeros(28,125,121); % initialize the final variable
Now you have several options depending on your data:
your_Combination = (1,:,:,) = table_1;
your_Combination = (2,:,:,) = table_2;
and so on
You could do it in a for-loop in case your tables allow it:
for k = 1:28
your_Combination = (k,:,:,) = table(k);
It all depends on the format of your tables.
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Janis on 21 Aug 2014
Thank you for the answer Each variable is in form of matrix. I'm new to the matlab. is table_1, table_2 etc the name of variable I need to write in the code?
I called the final variable X. Variables I want to add to it are called S000_010; S010_020;.......S270_280.
I made the following code: X = (1,:,:,) = S000_010;X = (2,:,:,) = S010_S020;........... and got an error: Error: Expression or statement is incorrect--possibly unbalanced (, {, or [. What's wrong there

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