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for a particular contour level,should the pixels have the same intensity

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I know that imcontour basically gives you a contour at a particular level.
My question is that the pixels that lie along that particular contou level r they al should have the same intensity and pixel values right.
for example in the below image(which shows the contour for an image at level 50),all pixels that lie along this contour should have their pixel intensity values somewhere close to 50 right?
But,when I save this as jpg and run imtools on it I get this image where the pixel values along the contour are not havint heir intensity levels close to 50.
So to conclude all pixels along the contour (obtained at level X) have the same intensity values?
2 Could it be possible that when I saved the contour map as jpg,the values were changed and that's why I am getting the result shown in the second image.Also to view pixel values can I use impixelinfo or improfile?

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Oct 2021
No, all pixels along a closed contour do not have to have the same intensity. What if there just simply weren't any pixels of the contour level intensity? You can either leave the contour open, or if you close it, it will have to create a path in between values above the level and below the level.

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