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Is there a way to find the neighbourhood pixels, given a cordinate point of the pixel?

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I need to find out the neighbourhood pixel values, given a particular coordinate point in an image. the pixel point is user defined.
shikha mangal
shikha mangal on 22 Apr 2016
Ohh,well ok..i am still thankful to you for your help.If anyone find something related to the above problem please let me know it will be much helpful to me thanks.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Sep 2014
neighbors(1) = img(r-1,c-1); % Upper left. r = row, c = column.
neighbors(2) = img(r-1,c); % Upper middle. r = row, c = column.
neighbors(3) = img(r-1,c+1); % Upper right. r = row, c = column.
neighbors(4) = img(r,c-1); % left. r = row, c = column.
neighbors(5) = img(r,c+1); % right. r = row, c = column.
neighbors(6) = img(r+1,c+1); % Lowerleft. r = row, c = column.
neighbors(7) = img(r+1,c); % lower middle. r = row, c = column.
neighbors(8) = img(r+1,c-1); % Lower left. r = row, c = column.
Order them in whatever order is convenient for you.

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