how to call the callback in GUI ?

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Niki on 8 Sep 2011
I put this label into the figure that I created but how can I active it ? I want to load data , do you have any idea?
m = uimenu('Label','&File'); uimenu(m,'Label','Open','Callback','Mohammad');
Niki on 8 Sep 2011
Yes, It was what I wanted,
as you know based on above command you can just create a label but I did not know how to callback , but Wesley helped me and it works now,
right now i have another problem , please see the following question

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Accepted Answer

Wesley Ooms
Wesley Ooms on 8 Sep 2011
if i understand correct, instead of 'Mohammad', you should write {@Mohammad} so that it becomes
uimenu('Label','&File'); uimenu(m,'Label','Open','Callback',{@Mohammad});
now you can write your function
function varargout = Mohammad(varargin);
that function can load the data for you
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Amirhosein Ghenaati
Amirhosein Ghenaati on 6 Nov 2014
Edited: Amirhosein Ghenaati on 6 Nov 2014
if you defines Mohammad in your current directory it works well too
m = uimenu('Label','&File');
for example define new func in your directory
function Mohammad()

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Niki on 8 Sep 2011
How can I add one bottom for this? for example this I have a windows , then i want to either open from the "file"---> "open" which works now
or a bottom on the window


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