can pushbutton work without a function ????

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Jules Ray
Jules Ray on 16 Sep 2014
Commented: Jules Ray on 17 Sep 2014
Hello guys, i'm having problems with a pushbutton. I created a pushbutton inside a figure, however i cant use a nested function or another .m file to make it work. This button should work as itself. This is the code.
button1=uicontrol(gcf,'style','pushbutton','string','Save projected points','Position', [20 140 150 40],'ButtonDownFcn','1'); %pushbutton
if ((str2double(get(button1,'string'))) == 1)
disp('u did it')
however this is not working, how to call the handles of the button or mayby just detect if this was pressed???
maybe is an stupid question, but thanx anyway

Accepted Answer

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 16 Sep 2014
Jules - use Callback instead of ButtonDownFcn to detect when the button has been pressed. Try something like the following
function example_gui
'Save projected points', ...
'Position', [20 140 150 40], ...
function buttonCallback(hObject,eventData)
disp('u did it')
The buttonCallback is a nested function within the main exmaple_gui code. When you run the above, and press the button, you will observe u did it written to the console.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Sep 2014
You need to define a callback function. See this if you insist on "rolling your own" GUIs instead of using GUIDE.
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Jules Ray
Jules Ray on 17 Sep 2014
thanks IA, this is a kind f gui insede a guide

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