Simulink Product Block Dimension Issue.

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Hi everyone,
I have created a simulink model (shown below) to determine robot joint velocities () for given robot end-effector velocities () by using the following relation:
The pseudo-inverse of the jacobian (called Jpinv in the model) is fed to a product block to be post-multiplied with the joint velocities (called pdot) to produce the end-effector velocites (called qdot).
However I get the following error messages:
Why doesn't the Product block recognize the dimensions of the Jpinv matrix? Because Simulink states [7x6] at the exit of the Function block and then suddenly loses this information when it enters at the Product block? And from Linear Algebra I know that a [7x6] matrix times a [6x1] vector should yield a [7x1] matrix of joint velocities qdot.
Does anybody know how I can fix this issue to get the correct multiplication result?
Thanks in advance,

Accepted Answer

Jonas on 11 Oct 2021
You need to set the 'Multiplication' option of your Product block to 'Matrix(*)'.

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Luca on 8 Nov 2021
What blocks do you need to visualize the product of a pressure for a surface and obtain a force?




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