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is it possible to run shapedtw on 2dimensional data

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I came across shape dtw for 1D data,My current data is 2 dimensional and is enclosed below.I tried running shape dtw on it but the results are not coming as shown in the paper.I was wondering is it possible to run shapedtw on 2d
This is what the data looks like
the two curves are 2x35 matrices.

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sparsh garg
sparsh garg on 18 Oct 2021
So,went to my job and was told that since I was unable to meet my boss's expectations,they are letting me go.I would like to thank @Image Analyst @Walter Roberson and other people who patiently answered my questions and were able to help me achieve a better understanding of the concepts which that guy wasn't able to .
PS the funny part is last friday the douche was still asking me to extract pixel values from the contour

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