Calling a function within another function?

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Jackie on 29 Sep 2014
Answered: David Sanchez on 29 Sep 2014
I'm pretty new to matlab so this may be a stupid question.
How would I call another function in a nother function? In this case, I'm writing a tic-tac-toe function for homework and I've already written "randommove" and "requestmove" and I want to write a third function called tictactoe that utilizes the both of them. I feel like it's going to be really tedious to type out the code for each every single time, though?

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 29 Sep 2014
Just call them from within tictactoe:
In your tictactoe function:
function your_outputs = tictactoe(your_inputs)
your code_here
% and make the call whenever you need it
fun_out = randommove(funtion_inputs);
fun_out2 = requestmove(fun_in);


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