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Print broken in R2014b?

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Todd Hufnagel
Todd Hufnagel on 9 Oct 2014
Commented: Eric Rogers on 21 Apr 2015
Just updated to R2014b and printing a figure to a file seems to be broken. For example, even this minimal example taken directly from the print help yields the following error:
>>h = figure; >>plot(1:4,5:8) >>print(h) Error using printopt Too many input arguments.
Error in (line 114)
Error in printjob (line 22) pj =;
Error in print>LocalCreatePrintJob (line 337) pj = printjob([handles{:}]);
Error in print (line 153) [pj, inputargs] = LocalCreatePrintJob(varargin{:});
Any help would be appreciated.
Todd Hufnagel

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Richard Quist
Richard Quist on 9 Oct 2014
It sounds like you might have a function named printopt that is conflicting with the one the is shipped with MATLAB. What results do you get when running the following code?
which -all printopt
There should be just one entry under matlab\toolbox\local. If there are any others, rename them or move them to a location that is not on your MATLAB path.
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Eric Rogers
Eric Rogers on 21 Apr 2015
That worked, thanks!

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