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Use variables in dbstop

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Mohamed AKI Ahmed
Mohamed AKI Ahmed on 15 Nov 2021
Edited: Chris on 15 Nov 2021
Hello. I want to ask if I can use dbstop for a specific input defined before the function is called.
For example,
file= 'dully'
The file and line will be defind by the user, then when dbstop is called, I want the breakpoint to be put in that defined file and line, as follows
dbstop in file at line
Is there anyway to do that? Thanks

Accepted Answer

Chris on 15 Nov 2021
Edited: Chris on 15 Nov 2021
Usually, functions that have input forms like dbstop has can also be called like a normal function. I'm not sure why it's not documented--perhaps it's considered dangerous to do it this way.

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