Runing M-files via a web browser?

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John on 14 Sep 2011
Hello, I've written an m-file which is a GUI program for a research group I am in. We'd like to be able to set something up so anyone in the group can use this program, but without needing to have matlab installed on their local machine.
Is it possible to run M-files in some kind of a web-based applet or even better, to create a stand-alone executable from an m-file which can then be distributed?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Sep 2011
I would need to re-examine the license terms to be sure, but if I recall correctly, making it available through a web-based applet would require that you had a Network License on the web server.
The alternative, of creating a distributable executable, requires that you purchase the MATLAB Compiler (approximate cost: $5000).
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Sep 2011
The relevant section of the Deployment Addendum of R2008b says,
8. WEB APPLICATIONS. Only Programs licensed under the Network Concurrent User or Designated Computer Activation Types may be called from within a web Standalone Application, provided the web Standalone Application does not provide access to the MATLAB command line, or any of the licensed Programs with code generation capabilities. In addition, Licensed Users may not provide access to an entire Program or a substantial portion of a Program. Such operation of a Standalone Application via a web interface may be provided to an unlimited number of web browser clients, at no cost, for Licensee's own use for its Internal Operations, and for use by Third Parties.

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