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How to save matrixes to files with similar names in loop?

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MC3105 on 20 Oct 2014
Commented: Guillaume on 20 Oct 2014
Hello everyone,
with your help I was able to create a loop that loads different datasets and then runs through my whole code. The names of the original datasets are pretty similar: for example data_ID_200.mat and data_ID_304.mat I used the following command to load these data files:
for n=1:numel(names)
load('[Z:\...\' names{n}])
Now before the loop ends and starts the next iteration I want to save some matrixes that my code created. How can I specify the names for the matrixes I want to save? Preferably I would like to save these matrixes to matrix_ID_200.mat and matrix_ID_304.mat - so that they correspond directly to my original datasets and I can easily use them in further applications that require the ID of each dataset.
Is there anyway I could do this? Right now my list for names contains:
names = 'data_ID_200.mat' 'data_ID_304.mat'
Maybe I could kind of cut out the ID number and insert them into some kind of string??
Thanks a lot for your help!!!

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 20 Oct 2014
There are many ways you could do this, for example using a regular expression to extract the ID, but a simple way:
savename = strrep(names{n}, 'data', 'matrix');
save(savename, ...);
Guillaume on 20 Oct 2014
Use save with the savename, and the names of the variables you want to save. Use fullfile to build the full path:
save(fullfile(''Z:\.....\', savename), 'somevarname');

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michael scheinfeild
michael scheinfeild on 20 Oct 2014


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