How to implement MUSIC Algorithm for signal construction

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I am working on the reconstruction of signal, this signal is obtained from 5 sensors,
so we have S1 for sensor 1, S2 for sensor 2 ,,,, S5 for sensor 5, and I have the data per time for each sensor.
I would like to have S(t) and since the MUSIC algorithm has the capacity to identify frequency I decided to use it to resolve my issue.
This the theory as I found it in the Wikepedia.
I have several question is someone had the experience and willing to help.
I know that to identify the frequency I need to plot p(f) while my main is that I could not achieved to define Un the matrix that span the noise subspace.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Nov 2021
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Mohammed Lamine Mekhalfia
Mohammed Lamine Mekhalfia on 23 Nov 2021
What I would like to know, the s(t) is the signal obtained from each sensors right?

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