adding more traces to geoplot

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Massimo Satler
Massimo Satler on 23 Nov 2021
Commented: Massimo Satler on 26 Nov 2021
I would like to plot gps traces on map using geoplot function
My goal is to add traces to the plot without clearing the previous ones. Unfortunately hold on doesn't work for this kind of function.
the idea is the following one:
geoplot(lat1, long1);
hold on;
geoplot(lat2, long2);
and so on
is it possible?

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Pranjal Kaura
Pranjal Kaura on 26 Nov 2021
Hey Massimo,
Please go through the examples mentioned in the 'geoplot' documentation to know more about adding multiple lines to a plot. Could you share more details regarding the issue you are facing because the 'hold' functionlaity seems to be working for me. Here's a code snippet that I ran:
latSeattle = 47.62;
lonSeattle = -122.33;
latAnchorage = 61.20;
lonAnchorage = -149.9;
geoplot([latSeattle latAnchorage],[lonSeattle lonAnchorage],'g-*')
geolimits([45 62],[-149 -123])
hold on
geoplot([latSeattle-4 latAnchorage],[lonSeattle lonAnchorage + 1],'r-+')
If you're using 'geoglobe' and 'geoplot3' functions, you can go through this link to know more about plotting multiple 3D plots.
Hope this helps!
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Massimo Satler
Massimo Satler on 26 Nov 2021
You are right, thanks for yor reply.
My problem arises form the script I wrote. Before calling geoplot, I had a figure where I abilitated hold on and in that case geoplot fails.
thanks for your help

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