Why can't my target computer find any accessbile disk drive?

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Marta on 28 Oct 2014
Answered: Timothy on 10 Sep 2021
I have a problem to enable data logging for my Simulink Real-Time model. At startup, the target computer shows the error: no accessible disk found. It has a SATA drive with 5 partitions, of which 2 are of FAT32 format. The error message only appears once. What is the reason that the partitions are not being recognised?
I can add that I'm using an RS-232 connection and booting from a USB drive (Secondary IDE and Graphics mode enabled). Maybe it's also useful to say that the disk driver makes the hard disk appear as SCSI (under Windows).
Thanks in advance

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Sandip Kumar
Sandip Kumar on 29 Oct 2014
This will occur if the Simulink Real-Time kernel cannot detect the partition created by a third part program. The documentation provides an example of how to format and partition a disk for use as a hard drive on the Simulink Real-Time target machine:
Thanks, Sandip
Marta on 31 Oct 2014
Ok. Unfortunately creating a partition this way didn't solve the problem

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Timothy on 10 Sep 2021
I know that this post is very old, but just in case it helps anyone...
If the drive appears as SCSI in Windows, its likely a RAID controller and the Target OS doesn't have a diver for it. If you access the BIOS settings at boot-up look for any options mentioning RAID and try to disable them, on some motherboards this may also mean that you need to use a different SATA port for the drive so keep that in mind while troubleshooting.

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